Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm really slacking when it comes to this blogging lark!

There has been a lot of progress in the last month or so.
The stonework is amazing and the builders are doing a magnificent job.

I will post the photos in the order that they were sent to me so we can follow the progress properly.

The first stones are laid.

All of the stones are from the original structure.

Above you can see the extra insulation between the stone and the clay bricks.

The stonemasons are doing a wonderful job.

The bricks are reclaimed. They are washed before they are laid and when waterlogged they are very dark red. They will not be so dark once they have dried out a bit.

A typical Umbrian finish for a window.

The level change in the hallway.

Left to right, downstairs toilet window and 2 windows in the seating end on the kitchen.

Wonderful big old stones to make the doorframe for the principal entrance.

These double doors will be under the portico, facing down to the pool.

There will be a small pergola here on the back of the kitchen where we will eat breakfast on wonderful sunny mornings.

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