Wednesday, 19 October 2011

14 months progress, just amazing.....

Pool update.

The steel reinforcement has been put in place for the walls of the pool. Soon it will be time to pour the concrete.

Celle is unmasked!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for anyone that has been involved in the project. The scaffolding came down and we all got to have a good look at Celle for the first time. And here she is.....

This picture is taken from the white road on the way down to Celle 

The builders are still finishing the external staircase and soon they will lay the reclaimed Pianelli tiles on the top of the walls.

This picture is taken from next to an area that shall become the pool terrace. There will be a portico added to this end of the house for exterior seating overlooking the pool.

The beautiful copper guttering and downpipes. They will obviously tarnish pretty quickly.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Whats the latest?

The damp proofing membrane has been laid on the roof and its nearly time to fully tile the roof.
The mound of earth that you can see to the right of the house is from the pool excavations and while some will be removed from site a lot of it shall be used to level the land before landscaping.

The electricians have also been in and started work

The external staircase is nearing completion.

The tops of the walls and the stairs will be capped with old reclaimed Painelli tiles.

The swimming pool and technical room are being constructed!

The technical room will be under the pool terrace and will house the filtration system and boiler to heat the pool

Showing the stages of construction of the pool and technical room.

How far have we got?

The plumbers have been in laying all of the pipes for central heating, bathrooms and kitchen

Toilet cisterns in the wall

The guttering is in place and the downpipes are onsite ready to be fitted.

We have used old reclaimed Pianelli tiles for detailing under the roof line.

 Internally the beams and Pianelli tiles are in place on the ceilings

Here there will be an arch made from old reclaimed bricks.