Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back from holiday!

Just back this week from a lovely 2 week break in Preggio. We actually stayed in the farmhouse that's just below ours on the side of the valley and it was a lovely house. It was great to be able to pop up the hill and wander around the site and look at the materials that have been set aside from the old ruin for use in the build. Although August is generally a shut down month for the builders in Italy there were people on site most days but at the moment the work is more about preparation than actual building. Connections are now ready for electricity and water (from the newly drilled well as there will be no mains water) and the site is waiting to be cleared of the old stones ready for the foundations to be worked on in September.

We took some great photos while we were out there and I shall publish some later when I'm at my pc.

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